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Connecting community
need with donations

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Making a difference ... changing lives!

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Looking to make a difference
through charitable giving?

Making connections and
solving problems.

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Do you have a program,
emergency situation
or capacity building project
which needs funding?

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Giving Opportunities

Here you will find a list of
funding opportunities to fit
your needs and your passsions

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The Impact Grantmaking Newsletter

A newsletter that identifies specific nonprofit
proposals, and is sent to donors, professional advisors,
civic organizations and foundations

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Individual donors, just like you, make up the majority of giving in the U.S. translating to over $217.79 billion dollars in 2011.

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As a nonprofit, do you need funding for programs, emergencies, capital campaigns?

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Our Mission

To diligently advocate for the needs of nonprofit organizations and increase their potential to receive funding. The Impact Grantmaking website is devoted to making connections between nonprofits and donors in order for the nonprofit to increase their funding and deliver services to individuals and families in the community.

Assisting Donors

Impact Grantmaking also provides donors a trusted place to search for nonprofit organizations, review proposals, and then target their donations. On our website donors will be able to easily find charitable projects and campaigns which they can confidently support.

Advocating for Nonprofits

We understand that funding is down and the need for nonprofit services up. That’s why this website was developed–to create a place for your project to be seen by potential donors and increase your opportunities for funding. The more people who become aware of your services, the better chance you will have of creating solutions in your community.

Our Process

A nonprofit organization submits a summary proposal which needs funding to Impact Grantmaking, then we provide a thorough review of the proposal and budget prior to posting on the website. After their submission is vetted, we will post the name of the organization and the full proposal and project budget as a PDF on our website and in our Collective Impact newsletter It’s that simple … find a nonprofit proposal that meets your charitable interests and make a donation direct to the nonprofit!

Charitable Giving Opportunities

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As a donor, it isn’t always clear where your funding can best be applied. At Impact Grantmaking, you can read proposals in several geographic areas in Oregon, and focus your giving on the projects that fit with your charitable interests.

Once you identify an organization which you would like to support, simply click on the link to the nonprofit’s website and make the donation through their check-out system. Be sure to mention Impact Grantmaking on your donation.

Giving Opportunities

 Collective Impact Newsletter

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Another reason for nonprofit organizations to post their proposals on our website is that the Collective Impact newsletter, containing proposals currently on Impact Grantmaking’s website, is emailed to potential donors, professional advisers, public and private foundations, on a weekly basis.

Collective Impact is the perfect medium for keeping donors current on the needs in their community; we know that getting in front of new donors is an important goal for every nonprofit in achieving sustainability.

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